Linggo, Mayo 24, 2009

Ano ang latest...?

Kalat na kalat na sa Internet ang Hayden Kho videos having sex with various women, particularly in streaming sites, like Youtube, days after his purported “sex scandal” with sexpot Katrina Halili came into light.
As public
outrage simmered against the doctor, who became famous for his relationship with celebrity surgeon Vicki Belo, more of Kho ’s scandalous videos have made their way into the Internet, including a shocking threesome with two famous female celebrities.
In one video uploaded anonymously by one “drV_B,” Kho is seen performing various
sex acts with two women who “look exactly like” singer Mystica and Kho’s former flame, Madame Auring.


Madame Auring

As this story was posted, the video had already generated dozens of comments like: “rowr!” “love those acrobatic moves,” “where can I meet these cougars?” “disgusting!” “horrifying,” “EEEEEEWWWWW!!!” “i’m going to have nightmares,” “who’s the cutie pie?” and “i’m vomiting already but I can’t stop watching.”

One commenter said: “How could he Mystica’s and Madame Auring positions ice cream inserted golf balls into and licked his slathered hot sauce on her kalamay grilled corn and butong pakwan inside whips, chains, on top of banana leaves?”

sex videos have reportedly piked the interest of Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, who has pledged to help Halili file charges against Kho.

The senator is reportedly thinking of inviting Mystica and Madame Auring to a Senate inquiry as well as a dinner for three.

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